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These cartoons provide a light-hearted way to introduce newcomers to nudism, as well as to entertain its veterans. Fanciful yet ringing true, the cartoons poke inspired fun at a wide variety of people, ideas, and habits.

The topics of Nudie ToonsŪ include Tanning, Clubs, At the Beach, Travel, Holidays, Sports, Police (?), Staring (!), and Animals (!?). Watch out too for the topic Religion & Politics.

You never knew the naked body (and the clothed type too) could get into so many remarkable situations, and be so much fun or so funny. Warning: unbuttoned humor ahead!


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Nudie Toons is a collection of cartoons created in support of

160 pages of FULL COLOR cartoons printed on glossy paper.

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About the Authors

Ron Coleman's cartoon career began in the seventh grade, when he read a magazine ad offering a correspondence course in cartooning. He took the course and sold his first cartoon about two years later. Since that time, his cartoons have appeared in hundreds of magazines, newspapers, and websites.

Nudie Toons began in 1998 when Ron was approached by Jan Crimmings about doing a weekly cartoon for her nudist website. When Jan learned that Ron was not a practicing nudist, she was hesitant to hire him. Ron convinced her, however, that he was a firm believer in personal freedom and supportive of naturism, and that he could create humor from the nudists' point of view.

She gave him the go-ahead --- and he has been producing these cartoons weekly for almost ten years. The series became the most successful cartoon feature he ever created.

Ron lives with his wife Susan in Oakridge, Oregon. His cartoons still appear on the NetNude website and on his own,

* * *

Jan Crimmings has been a practicing naturist for over 30 years. When the Internet buzz began in the mid to late 90s, she decided that naturists needed their own place on the Net, and started the website NetNude (

Few people appreciated the humorous side of going naked. Jan thought that tasteful cartoons would enhance the website, which was already well-rounded with travel information, chat rooms, message forums, and a store. Thus Nudie Toons was born, a weekly cartoon based on ideas from the naturist community, tending to reflect its experiences.

Jan's career spans over 30 years of computer experience, including programming and website design. Her interests, in addition to naturism, include mountain climbing, music, and travel.

Jan lives north of Toronto, Ontario with her cats Booper and Amber, who are also practicing nudists.


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